Download Music Mp3:- Damini – Naija

Download Music Mp3:- Damini – Naija

Amadi Damini AKA “Damini” is a Music artiste, song writer and a lyricist. He dishes out this single in solidarity to Nigeria titled “Naija” which is produced by Kalaondabeat.

He has first degree in Architecture from Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), Calabar. Now known as UNICROS, born on the 15th of August in Port-harcourt Nigeria.

Download and enjoy Naija.


Naija Lyrics By Damini


Halle mma ma, halle mma maa.}×4



Our father Land, Where do we stand..?

Where do we go from here..?


Naija.. Naija eeh..

Where we de head to now..? Where we de go..?

I no’n kno o..!


I don tire for Naija,

I de travel to Canada Even if nah to be a driver,

I go take am change my life.


I don tire for Naija aa..

I wan jakpa to Canada o, Even if nah to be a cleaner, I go use am help my life


Naija naija,

Our father Land, Where do we stand…?

See we’ve become a lawless NATION

Where the masses are conditioned to accept CORRUPTION Everyday dreams de fade away,

Destinies dem de, de waste thro’way, Cos no MOTIVATION


Ministry of this, and ministry of that, ngwa.. Same plans everyday, buh no PRODUCTIONS Little works, poor results, with big ALLOCATIONS

Senators nah big boys, buh no plans for the POPULATION Graduates dem de for streets, no OCCUPATION, Hospitals, no funds, poor MEDICATIONS

Can’t you see we suffering, can’t you see we dieing,

Even Chimamanda wish to be American, Omo see FRUSTRATION

Repeat CHORUS }×1


Naija aa….

Oyibo go shit, we go follow dem like fly…

Strangers don take over Nigeria gold mine.. Every other resources dem don sideline, But nah only oil my people dem de put mind People wei get the thing dem no get insight,

Buh de other players dem de form kings might Naija get many dam, but we no get stable light, What about good water, that one nah wrong flight

When some people kill dem go call am self DEFENSE But wen the others retaliate dem say nah INSURGENCE Na religious sentiment de cos this TENSION,

Nah so we see ourselves for this nation, FALLENATION.

Repeat CHORUS }×1


Can’t u see..?

Can’t u see…?

That the people are suffering, That the people are wailing..

I don tire for Naija,I wan jakpa to Canada, Even if nah to be a cleaner, I go use am help my life..

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